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Written to save 27,000,000 Americans  from horrible deaths
​by Hydrofluoric Acid (HFA)
Avert Alert calls it the City-Killer

       Today, all of us should keep in mind the threat of terrorist.  Terrorist acts are not covered by your insurance because the industry was persuaded to accept government as a partner.  But government has never proven itself reliable when Americans suffer from harm by real terrorists.
      Our military targeted Hydrofluoric Acid refineries  during World War II.  U. S. Homeland Security believes HFA to be the second most serious threat to Americans today.  Terrorists must be assumed to know about this, and the devastation it would cause, and may well be planning to hit all of the 19 major metropolitan tragets simultaneously.   See the list and map.
        Hydrofluoric Acid refineries   Our attacks caused massive civilian deaths which are well documented.  Those were acts of war used by our government.  So, government is perfectly aware of the threat from foreign powers, as are military powers around the world.    
       Today, North Korea could itself organize massive strikes using low cost means, releasing HFA into the 19 metropolitan communities where 49 HFA refineries are located.  
        Why would North Korea, or any other terrorist, hit Guam when they can kill and maim millions?  
      19 Minutes includes the only plan which can stop the threat of poison gassing entire major metropolitan areas through use of Hydrofluoric Acid.  
       It is an ugly way to die, takes only 19 minutes, and is agonizing as fluorine ions replace your tissue's calcium, magnesium and sodium immediately.  
       Our movie is about how to  hammer oil companies economically for their calloused evasion of accountability for the $Trillions in damages which could be done to people in the area surrounding refineries using Hydrofluoric Acid.   
       The technology used to refine petroleum must be updated to the less vulnerable options, Sufluric Acid Process among these.  
    Our research on ExxonMobil began over twenty years ago, along with all other oil corporations.  Our analysis of them, and the legal, regulatory, and economic infrastructure in which they operate, was exhaustive.  Petty fines by the EPA present no disencentive to their greed.  The problem only grew as theoffenders became more confident and arrogant.  Their arrogance may well kill you.

     Our chief Researcher, Dave Lincoln, is, himself, a Petrolem Geologist, degree from USC.   Academic Qualifications , CV, BIO .  No one is more qualified.  From EcoAlert
       Dave worked in the industry for all the majors, working directly with CEOs for nearly 25 years before he left, disgusted with the damage they routinely did to human health.  The entire time our research has been taking place we have watched, with outrage and frustration, the industry's continuing evasions and calloused disregard for the damage they have done to people, air, water, and to earth and all living things.  They have ignored the threat of terrorism for 15 years past 9/11.  This, despite pleas from refinery unions, residents, judges, environmentalists, mayors, governors.  The corporations who own the gasoline refineries took no action.  
            We have something the oil industry most fears.  
           Chevron decided not to litigate the lawsuit filed against them by Ecuador, the reason was Dave.  After five days of depositions, their attorneys got around to asking how he would prove, chronologically, they were responsible for the damage which killed 20,000 Ecuadorean natives. Dave told them, as obligated.  Dave had discovered how to establish a means for nailing them. They immediately cut and ran.  What scares Big Oil is proving their liability.  They know our solutions will stop them, each of these exacts monetary accountability.    
       Until last week, the idea of a movie never occured to us.  But to enact change, the facts need to penetrate and permeate  the mainstream mindset.  
        A lightbulb went on in Melinda's brain.  An apocalypic film should show you the apocolypse before it happens, so we can prevent it. The story is horrifically accurate, drawn from the available data, and carefully documented.  The story includes the evasions, lies, previous incidents, the research on HFA, and also, and this is telling, what is not there.  
           Why haven't  there been more studies on HFA?  
           What you will be reading is, in effect, a written trailer.  You have Melinda's permission to link to it, send it out, and quote it in articles.  It is copyrighted, registeration pending, with  the Writer's Guild of America.  We will not risk selling it because, as we discovered, you never know who you can trust.  19 Minutes - The Day, needs to be out there as soon as possible.  We are organizing a fast track production company, Warning Shot Cinema Productions,  for this pupose.  
          We know, from the reaction from our polling group, the immediacy of the threat sinks in when the reader sees these threats through the eyes of someone confronting this unexpected threat to their own life, and the lives of those they love.  This focus of attention is necessary to save millions of lives. At this point, all of us need to be scared.                               
Please read the synopsis 19 Minutes on The Day  

After you have read it, we think you will understand, feel the clear and present danger, and participate in this, and other projects, now being planned.  We call this the Call to Ardmac (see below). 

​This is the first of a series of movies conceptualized, designed, and written to warn you of imminent dangers through the medium of movies and television.  

WARNING SHOT, the motion picture production company engaged in pre-production of 19 Minutes on The Day, works in partnership with Avert Alert Disaster Mitigation by Acquisition Consortium ( ARDMAC ), for films which publicize previously unrecognized hazards to millions of people.  Analysts working for Avert Alert and with Warning Shot, provide the systems analysis on which the scripts are written.  Consultants with edge understanding of these areas are obtained to verify the science on which the plot is developed.  Qualified individuals are invited to contact us for work on future productions, now being planned.   CONTACT

WARNING SHOT is, at present, working with Freedom Interactive TV Networks  , the creative industry - and you.  

Article:  "HF Dispersion - Model Development, Field Experiments, and Real-World Application," by Dr. Ron Koopman, who ran the study on HFA dispersion for the US government. 

Thanks to Dr. Koopman for sharing these insights!